The Day at “Pebble Beach”

So this past weekend, we decided to take a trip out to pebble beach with the buddies…

…and as you can see, there are no pebbles! XD We actually ended up going to the wrong place. I guess there’s  town that’s also called pebble beach (why you’d call a town that- I have NO idea) but anywho.

After a couple hours of driving- we decided to stay and give up on our original plans of visiting the original beach. Somehow, no one there in town knew there’s actually a beach full of pebbles that actually exists -_- Annywho, we had a lot of fun going around from beach to beach. We found a lot of tide pools with a whole bunch of different sea-life, they all looked soo cool and different! I sort of regret not taking pictures of that for you guys to see… rawr! We spent most of the day beach jumping, and ended the day going out to eat to a very expensive mexican place that made me throw up 😦 Damn Urbanspoon!!! They liieeed about the food!!! Lol. So below are some of the pictures I took that day…ENJOY! ♥

This was at a viewpoint that was along the 17-mile drive we went down.

A dead bird we found along one of the beaches…

Tide pool- HAD to have the peace sign somewhere.

OOoo…I had to do one of these hehe…

the buddies

This was the last beach we went to that day.

The last picture of the day: RAWR

Aaand a very random weird-looking car…I’m getting the vibe that they have a thing for ducks…

Here’s my vlog on the trip in case you haven’t already seen it.


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