VERY excited about…

So I’ve had my camera for a while now (thanks snookie!!), and I haven’t had a chance to pick up a card that’s compatible with my camera…well that is until yesterday ūüėÄ !! It really has been long due and I am very excited to be getting it Tuesday. With my 16GB class 10, I should be able to take pictures/video that will take full advantage of my cameras capablities. Well…I’ve been using an 8GB class 4 for the longest time, and I feel like it’s not able to capture what my camera can really produce. So I’ve been doing more and more research on¬†filming¬†and whatnot, so I’m hoping that come Tuesday…well probably Wed, I’ll be able to make a video the way I’ve wanted.¬†Unfortunately¬†with my current memory card, I’ve been having a lot of issues with¬†filming- it turning off constantly among other things. So its been sort of a pain to deal. So as you can tell…I am very excited about the upgraded caaard! Mehehe…anywho, I hope to put out another video mid-late next week with the improved card…hoping there will be a¬†noticeable¬†difference, we.’ll see…


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