San Francisco Shopping

SF Mall


So the other day I went on sort of a last min shopping trip to the SF Mall- Westfield Mall. It was actually my first time ever going there…wait I lie. I went there once but didn’t get a chance to walk around. Okay so lets say technically its my first time there lol. Anywho, its a giant mall! It was like 6 stories, but it was sort of narrow…I ended up not buying anything because the prices were insane!

I don’t like paying too much for stuff because I swear i can find them cheaper somewhere else. Plus…other than a hat I swear i just should have gotten, there wasn’t really anything that caught my attention. So after walking through the whole mall, we all decided to go to macys across the street and that’s where I found the cutest clutches for a real good deal:


I saw them and was like, ‘omg, they’re soo cute, must be…’ and then I saw they were on sale for only 4.99!!! Giiiirl, you know I had to get two! LOL I’ve been wanting to pick one of these up ever since I first saw them because omg, srsly…they are too cute! So this is pretty much all I got on my adventure to Frisco, not much at all but I’m very happy with my purchases.

After spending most of the day walking around stores we decided to stop by The Cheese Cake Factory to eat because we were huuungry! I was excited to go because it was actually my very first time there and I’ve been hearing so much good things about that place. We all ordered different things and I was happy too cuz I got to try everyone’s food lol! All the dishes were soooo good, omg! I decided on a burrito and omg I am sooo craving it now lol- they give you HUGE portions too! This was actually the only self-shot I got of the night. I am srslly not doing good with the whole picture-taking thing. No worries, Imma try and step my game up! I promise! LoL. Anywho, after dinner we called it a day. Didn’t leave with much in hand, but it was a fun day overall ♥


nom nom


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