My Nail Polish Collection

Nail Polish Collection

So I finally got around to doing my nail polish collection video & it srslly took me like all day to upload onto youtube! I really need to start looking into how to cut a video short without loosing its format…like I still want HD but I dont want a 1GB HD video because it takes forever to upload, its insane really! Once it was up, I was very happy to see it live lol.

Nail Polish Thinner

So if you watched my video, (and if not its okay, Ill post it at the end of this post! ;D ) then you know I said once I found my bottle Id make a post on it in case you were interested in picking one up- yes, it does work! I’ve used it a couple of times on different polishes and its done a fantastic job at making them new again! Since my camera doesn’t auto-focus,  T-T I wasn’t able to show you my hello kitty nail polishes, so below is a picture of how cute they look:

Hello Kitty Nail Polish

OMG they’re SO cute right?! Lol, now you know why I cannot touch them, they are way too adorable! LOL. Anywho, for those of you who haven’t gotten the chance to see my video…enjoy♥


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