Lets Talk Fashion

So recently I’ve been really into fashion- er…at least a lot more than I was before! So doing my daily LB: Look Of The Day, I feel like I should be more…educated(?) with commonly used fashion terms. I mean, you only have so much words you can use when describing an outfit and I have decided to start doing some homework! My goal is to keep this post updated- as in, add onto it with every new term I learn and try my best to use them more often in these LB: Look Of The Day posts. We’ll see how well I do! Very excited to start learning me some vocab-u-lamary lol! Enough rambling, here’s the list, enjoy:

1. Dolman (sleeves): Sleeve is narrow at the wrist and wide at the point where the arm attaches to the garment. The sleeve is cut as a part of the torso of the garment, eliminating the need for stitching under the arms. Sleeves in this style can be anywhere from slightly over-sized to stretching all the way down to the waist. When a garment with a dolman sleeve is worn, the sleeves have the effect of sloping at the shoulders. This, in turn, minimizes the appearance of the waistline. These sleeves also add a sense of movement to a garment, as they will bunch and flow as the wearer moves.

2. Scalloped Shorts: Shorts with dainty half-moons cut along the hems.

3. Dirndl Skirt: A full skirt with a gathered waistband.


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