Gym Time!


So the other day I decided to weigh myself because I’ve really been feeling like I’ve been gaining weight and to my “surprise” . . . I have.             -_- It’s been a while since I’ve been wanting to do this but I guess I have been avoiding it so I wouldn’t have to face it. This has to be the biggest I’ve ever been and I am sooo feelin’ it! I have decided I must hit the gym, not only to lose the excess weight, but to feel healthy again.

The other day I stocked up on a lot of yummy/healthy foods so I have been eating a LOT better than I usually have! Well…not including today AHHH I know- I cheated today, but I swear I will keep the good eating habits up for at least the rest of the month (well that’s my goal anyway). We’ll see how well I do. I’m hoping to be able to do gym time at least 4 days a week and progress from there. I plan on keeping this updated. Perhaps do sporadic updates on how I’ve been doing;  more-so focusing on scale shots to document if I lose any weight or not- just because I don’t feel very much into taking photographs of myself like that and posting them all over my blog lol. Aaanywho, wish me luck and lets hope I can get this whole healthy lifestyle down. 129lbs.


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