New Year Resolution 2012

So its the new year (well okay, sort of) and I thought its time for me to make a post dedicated to my New Years Resolution. I plan on going back to this post in the future and see if I in fact kept to my resolutions. Lets keep it real- most of us forget about it but I thought it’d be cool if I actually keep to them! Let the list begin!

1. Eat Healthy.

I admit that I have picked up the bad habit of eating out. Its gotten to the point where I’m eating out at least once a day, I’ve packed on a lot of weight and feel super unhealthy. Actually I recently found out I have anemia- which pushes me more to want to start eating a lot healthier. The first thing on my list is is definitely cutting back on the eating out. Perhaps cutting back to once a week and see where I go from there.

2. Hit The GYM Up.

I’m not sure if I blogged about it, but I signed up for the gym a few months ago. I would like to put my membership to good use! I’m not saying I want to go everyday or anything, but at least try and go once a week. I need to shed the pounds I gained…and pronto!

3. Blog More.

The one thing I do like is that I have been keeping up with the “Look of The Day” posts..which is really a miracle for me. I really like doing them (maybe that’s why I’ve been on top of it). But (I know…I started a sentence with “but”, forgive me lol), I definitely want to try and make more posts about me, my life or likes and whatnot. I feel like I have a generic blog and I really want to try and make it much more personal. Blogging more is the last thing I thought needed to be on my list.


I decided to keep it small so they’d be more reachable- there’s been soo many times I’ve made super long lists and I never hit any of them, so lets see how I do with this shorter list this year. Anyway, if you havent already seen it, here’s my New Year Resolution 2012 video:



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