New Years 2012

I wanted to post this a few days ago but Im getting it up the first week of Janurary so I’m still good hehe. I actually took video of my outfit for the day and realized I had the camera the wrong way so its sideways and no good to upload :(. This means…dun dun duuuuuun!! It’s a blog exclusive! ūüėÄ So please¬†… feel special lol. XD

This New Years was actually the first one I didn’t spend with family. I was really feeling to go out and paaarttty. My wallet hurt for this choice afterwards but it was¬†definitely¬†a fuuun experience! I swore to myself Id take a million pictures of that night but only left with a few :(.

Me and my girl at the beginning of the night.. pre-drinking. Sort of.


We were gunna do the asian¬†pose (peace sign) but we decided to switch it up and do the mexican pose…we gangsta!


Attempting to take a photo…somewhat of a fail.


My drinking buddy at the end of the nite… OMG I love my clutch btw!


Good Times.


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