75% Off Selected Milani Makeup



It was super rainy today when I woke up, I was being lazy in bed just chillin and talking with my snookie. When I got a moment, I went on my fb page and was looking through some posts when I saw one of the gurus I follow wrote a post on a makeup sale… 75% off Milani makeup to be exact.

As soon as I read the post I got super excited. I called my local CVS and was very disappointed to hear they weren’t having a sale. I was devastated. I went back on her blog to check out the details… there’s no way she would lie about something like this, I needed to know what I missed. To my pleasant surprise, I in fact did miss something- Not all CVS advertise the sale. Select items from the Milani line are actually on sale and when you bring it up to the scanner, it rings up the sale price.

I got up out of bed, brushed my teeth and bounced (yes, in my pj’s lol)! I went to the first CVS and they didn’t have much of a selection to choose from but I did pick up a couple stuff there- mainly some nail polishes. Here in town we have about 4-5 different CVS stores, so I decided to hit up another one to see if they might have more to choose from. Lucky me. They did. I ended up walking out with 4 lipsticks, 9 nail polishes, 3 blushes, 3 eye shadows (2 singles and 1 palette), 1 lipgloss, 1 concealer, 1 face powder and 1 bronzer. Each of these items cost me less than $3, most of them were under $2- everything but the palette, concealer and face powder. Overall I did a good haul and I’m very happy with my purchase. Ah I love getting good deals on things ♥.

If you’re seeing this post in time, I would suggest you stop by your local CVS and pickup some Milani products as well. I’ve listed what items are on sale. Stores may differ in sale items so if you don’t mind the drive, hit up at least 2 CVS stores to see what each offers. Enjoy.

All pencil sharpeners
HD Advance Concealer Pens: all shades
Body Bronzers: all shades
Powder Bronzers (not baked): all shades
Easyliner Retractable Eyeliners: all shades
Minerals Blushes: all shades
Compact Makeup: all shades
Color Perfect Lipstick: all shades
Lip Mixer glosses:  all shades
Liquif’eye metallic linerSilver
Eye Tech linerCharcoal
Infinite liner:  Eternal
Runway Eyes SinglesRoyalty, Leaf Green, Shamrock, Caribbean Sea
Runway Eyes PalettesBeauty in Blues, Trendsetter, Haute Couture
3D Glitzy Glamour glosses: Leading lady, First Class
Nail Polish
 Techno Red
Black Magic
Ny Apple Red
Ready to Wear Red
Red to Tango
Gold Lamé
Gold Dust
Good Morning Sunshine
Ms. Milani
Midnight Satin
Magenta Metal
Blackberry Baby
Cool Vibe
Raspberry Fusion
Pink Lady
Creme Bruleé
Paradise Pink
Nail Art polish
Blue Print
Yellow Design
Green Sketch
Orange Graph
NOTE: other shades/products may be on clearance.
To read more about the sale, please read this site.

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