A Pygmy… What?

Pygmy Chameleon

(Photo Source: The Living Rain Forest)

So the other day my brother was talking to me about pygmy chameleons, I guess there was a girl who breeds them and offered to sell it to him at $40 for males or $60 for females. He said he was going to probably get a male and I was like, what are thoose? I’ve had a chameleon in the past before so I am familiar with them, but never heard of a pygmy (not that I would have considering I am definitley not an expert lol).

He said they’re the size of the end of your finger and I was like O.o hugh? I turned to google for my answer and omg they are adorable! From what I’ve been reading on them so far, they get about 2-3″ in length and can be kept in communities since they are so small. So of course, after I saw how cute they were, I was like…”ask her if she’ll give you a deal if you get 2″. LOL, so the plan is to get one in 2 months because I guess they’re still babies so they wont be ready until then. Since the last chameleon I had a few years back passed, I decided that I would definitley adopt another one in the future, but due to certain circumstances, I havent been able to adopt the one I want yet. When I heard and read about how easy these are to take care of, I was like, I am getting one…maybe two!

In the meantime I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on them, what they eat, their habitat etc., and it seems fairly easy enough. I’m excited at the thought of having a chameleon again! My plan is to start putting the home together soon and have the set up already done since I am planning on having live plants in there I figure its not going to be simple (mind you, I am awful at taking care of live plants). My biggest problem as of now is figuring out where in my room the tank is gunna go. :/

Either way, I am very excited about this future pet and I will definitely do a post…maybe even a video on my little buddy once I have it! 😀


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