Work, work, work.


So if you follow my blog on a daily,  then Im sure youve noticed the lack of posts as of recently. My midterms are coming up and I have been doing major studying so I havent had much time for anything else. *sigh* not even filming:((  but I do have planned to get on point once they’re all over…believe me, its a priority of mine!

Since I have been going through this I actually have had so many good video ideas on like…maybe some college episodes. Like “how to’s” and what not. I’m excited to be able to get to those type videos, its something I’m really into atm so why not right? Ugh, cannot wait for these midterms to be finally over!

I also have been thinking of doing some “street style” type posts. Since I’ve been going to college, I’ve been more exposed to fashionista’s! I really want to give it a lot more thought as to how I want to approach that style of posts so it wont happen anytime soon, but it is in the works. Very excited for these new projects ♥


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