Random Fact About Yours Truly

OOoo I am so excited to start this one out! Okay so if you like to watch kandee johnson on youtube and are a follower of her blog (kandeej.com) THEN you are familiar with her Saturdays 5 random facts posts. Well I just fell in love with this idea and thought I should have my own random fact day. I will shoot to have these on Mondays and I will only post 1 random fact about myself :] IDK, I think for me its hard to think of that many a week lol wth I know. Either way, I think its an awesome idea to “personalize” my blog a bit. Dont get me wrong, I LOOOVE the fashion posts but I want to keep my blog personal as well, so you can read my blog like you can read me- idk if that makes sence? Lol. Annywhoo, enough rambling… Onto the first official RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOURS TRULY..


I have a thing for fishies. 



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