My sisters surgery


Today was a very memorable day. I attempted to document today and decided to use my new app (its on a test trial)- which is so off topic- anywho. My sister has had a ganglion cyst for a while now and finally had her surgery today to remove it. The experience was …well, depressing lol. I think I’m just a worry wart but I tried keeping the mood light by making as many jokes as humanly possible.

The surgery itself actually only took about 30 minutes, but the whole thing took a total of 4 hours you know, paperwork, waiting for the doctors, prep time etc. Once they were done and we were able to see her again, I was super surprised to see that she was fully awake and laughing and acting like crazy ol’ sis again lol. I was expecting her to be all drugged up and drooling or something lol.

So the first thing she said was of course, “I’m hungry” (to be expected from her of course). So we decided to grab some Burger King per her request. Oh yum. Overall, surgery went well- only a 23% chance of it returning and our bellies are full. Oh what a grand day.


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