Mondays Mini Adventure

The other day we decided to head to town to pick up a long-awaited laptop. My sister was going to get a new laptop she so desperately needed and our mom decided to invite so I tagged along. We spent a lot longer than we really should have at the store- let me tell you this store was freaking HUGE. It was crazy trying to find where everything was. I guess it is a tech geeks heaven lol. Well since we were in town, we decided to get a bite to eat before heading back home. Oh what an adventure that was.

I decided to install the Urbanspoon app on my phone to look up close by Vietnamese restaurants. First in my defense, I hardly ever use that app. So anyway, it pulled up a restaurant that was like a few minutes away from where we were at. On our way we went. I thought the front of it looked like a nice picture so here it is:


Nguyen. I knew it was a vietnamese place. Okay, well…little did we know it was actually a vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant. We sat down and looked through the menu for like ten minutes before we realized it was vegetarian only place. Mind you, this is after the waiter came and asked us if we were ready to order. Well I am not really picky with food, but my mom was not keen on trying it out so she suggested going somewhere else (well, not a suggestion because she was saying we were gunna go somewhere else lol).

I was feeling very embarassed to get up and walk out, especially because of the fact it was such a nice looking restaurant! Either way we werent gunna stay so my sister was the first to get up. She left in a hurry lol. I decided to stay back and wait for my mom to finish putting somthing in her purse away…and didnt wait long before I too decided to sprint out of there before our waiter came back lol. Omgee it was embarassing!! My mom ended up taking forever to come out and it turns out she told the waiter we didn’t know it was vegetarian only resturant and he took it in good stride because he was laughing. My sister and I were outside cracking up omg it was indeed an experience!

We then ended up going down the street to a Chinese restaurant and made sure to order every dish with some type of meat in it.


When all else fails…Chinese food never dissapoints. ♥



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