Sum up Friday


*2 Stars just because I got sick yesterday* ;P

So this is my very first official “Sum up Friday” post. I’m hoping to grow into these type posts- I have big ideas (well, big in my head at least lol). Today I am feeling suppper crappy. Woke up feeling under the weather and I feel like its gotten worse…I’m proud of myself to still find it in me to do today’s post! ♥ YEY ME lol *as I pat myself on the back*. I was thinking it would be a cool idea to look back at these over some time and reminisce :] (puff daddys songs come to mind lol). So here’s this weeks report written out just because like I said, I’m feeling supper crappy today. Forgive me lol. ;p (Thinking about it, perhaps I will finish the visual part of this post tomorrow if I feel any better! 😀 )!

Edit: I woke up today with this post as a mission! LoL. I also wanted to mention I totally got this from FatMumSlim and fell in LOVE with the idea of doing these as weekly reports. Hoping to overtime customize them up a bit more. Either way, I enjoyed doing it and love the outcome :] Below is just a random .gif I made lol. Enjoy ♥


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