Worst Week Evvaarr

I have been soo busy latley like omgee. . .

Have you ever had like…just a string of bad luck it makes you go crazy? Well thats been the story of my life as of recently.

So before my bad luck started, I had an insane schedule last week with school and tests- 3 tests in one week in a series of 3 days. Ugh. Never knew it could be sooo stressful to do all that studying. Either way, I did it and I am hoping that I did good on the tests, I wont find out for sure until like…tomorrow and thrusday for the next class. T-T *wish me luck*

Anyway, onto the real story.

So Friday rolls around and I was on my way to go pick up someone to go to the pet store when all of a sudden my engine started smoking. Took the car to my dads house for him to fix it and come to find (after about 4-5 hours of being outside in the cold without a sweater) my thermostat broke :/ Went to the local auto shop and picked up the wrong part (thanks to the employee that assured us it would be the right one).

Well saturday rolls around and I am feeling supper sick. My throat was sore, I was coughing, felt very tired. I had a cold. Great. Had to cancel my 5 de mayo plans for that nite (which I had been looking forward to all week btw) and stay home to rest.

Sunday rolls around and I went prom dress shopping with my sister when…”someone” decided to come along and be annoying the whole time by rushing us the entire time. Later that day, I went out to a store with a friend and pretty much got treated like crap by an employee that was helping me with my fish purchase for no apparent reason. *uuughh* Sometimes I regret stuff because now I’m left with the feeling that I should have gone off on her and I really didn’t.

Uuy, pretty much wraps up my past entire week. Worst week evvar.

Upside is now I have a life again and I’m back to my lovley blog. I miss you guys ♥


4 thoughts on “Worst Week Evvaarr

    • Egh fortunately those three days were like…the worst so I’m hoping it stays that way *knock on wood* Lol, but thanks I hope soo too! :]]

  1. The thing I love about bad weeks is the next one can only go up! Sorry you had such a bad week though lady, that really isn’t ever fun. But your blog is fab & so are you, so smile suga;) xoxo

    • About it only going up is soo true! It really has since last week. N thanks, glad to hear you like meh blog! ♥

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