Sum up Friday

This week in a grid

I will admit- I haven’t really been good about the whole “Sum up Fridays” thing. I had an idea in my head and if its not one thing its another. Oh well, I will ride it out and see where it takes me.

Anywho. This week I haven’t been so good about taking pictures and stuff (mainly due to my stupid phone being so slow/unresponsive). I am hoping to upgrade my phone- I’m just waiting for the phone that I want to become available (HELLOO Samsung Galaxy S3/ Samsung Galaxy Note!) Ooooh how do I wish…that shall be saved for another post.

This last week has been a bit hectic. Been busy with my sisters graduation things and all, keeping busy with volunteering for the summer, entertaining family that came from out of town…and life. The above picture is of me dressed up for my sisters graduation party (post coming soon). I went out on a date with my snookie and snapped some photos of the sea food we had *nooomm*. The last two photos at the bottom is of the day before my sisters graduation- we went to grab a bite to eat at Wendys and headed to the stores after (did I mention shopping sucks when you’re on broke status? Cuz it does =.=). She was looking for a graduation dress and I found her the perfect one, she loved it so much she bought two lol.

Until next post ~ xox


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