My Sisters Graduation Party 2012

These last few weeks I have been super busy with so many things going on- uuy. We had been working on my sisters graduation party for a few weeks now and it went great! I’m honestly not a family person (with a family like mine, you would understand why), so it wasn’t like the best time ever BUT it went good. I was wanting to take a lot of pictures for my blog, but I was so busy with getting things out and hosting that I hardly took any 😦

I chose the best of the very few I had, so here they are :]

We attempted to take a group picture (above)…it was a fail because I realized that not everyone was in the shot the day after lol. The crazy thing is: that’s not even half of my moms family. Either way, I was trying to make it a good time for my sister (because that’s who it was all about), and I think she enjoyed herself. I know she loved the samsung 7″ tablet she got from one of our cousins (shes on it like all day ever since she got it).

The middle picture is of me with one of my favorite cousins that just came from El Salvador- I love love, love her to death ♥ She is seriously the best ever. She is such a sweet person, its very rare to fine people like that now a days. It had been a few years since I last saw her, so her being there for my sisters grad party was a treat. I told her to come over for summer, but idk how that will go. I’m sure she wants to spend all her time with her family here since its all new for her, so perhaps next summer she can do a trip up here :]

The food picture in the middle are the desserts we had and omg they were freaking delish! I made the cakepops (which btw, were a hit because everyone loved them to my surprise), my sister made the cupcakes and our cuzzo made that yummy fruit dish. The food was my favorite part of the event lol.

Other than the fact it tired me out and people were pissing me off (I don’t get the whole rivalry thing, I swear I don’t), I’m glad its over.  Will be doing a few more graduation-related posts soon just because that’s whats been consuming my life as of recently. Until then, toodles ♥


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