Random Fact

Reading is my new thing.

My new hair color

I have downloaded a total of 7 books for my tab- theylook so interesting! Okay, to be fair 4 of those are part of a set (Ever heard of Game of Thrones?). Its currently my favorite show ever and I just decided to pick up the book(s) and start reading because the series is so good I just cannot wait for the episodes to come out. I started reading the prologue to the first book and omgee it was so interesting! It got me excited for the rest of the book (which happens to be around 600 pages I think?). So I decided to read the series last and start on the other 3 first. Excited to start reading these books on my list! Will be doing updates and whatnot on each of the books (yeyey, getting super excited now lol, is this normal?) -_- uuy. Okaii enough with the nerdiness, until my next post ♥


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