Random Fact

I’m going on a diet. Sort of.

Ah no picture for this post </3.

That’s besides the point lol. So yesterday I had decided it would be the last time I ate out (and a very deslish Wendy’s meal that was btw). When I got home I took measurements of my arms, legs, tummy etc and wrote down my weight. I am so motivated to loose weight that I decided that getting a few “thinspiration” pictures up along with my current measurements is a fantastic daily reminder of my goal. I will be posting my progress so you can follow me in my attempts to loose some weight lol. No guarantees, but I am really hoping to at least stop eating out as much as I do because I’ve just been feeling like complete crap lately :/ I am still debating whether to post up my progress pictures or not because…well I’m sure you know it can be embarrassing soo idk yet hehe. Either way, wish me luck!! Can’t wait to see some results ❤


One thought on “Random Fact

  1. Priscillababy2 i know how it feels same situation same doubts and same fear to failure but I can tell you there is a natural fat burning diet that worked as good as i expected. recovered my self steam and life. Your post touched me. Take a look.

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