I sort of went crazy with the decorating of Kiwi’s picture here lol. That’s besides the point. Okay so I FINALLY got my bunny! ♥♥ This is somewhat a late post because I actually got her last friday (06/22/12). Either way, better late than never right?!

So its officially been a week since I first got her and I have one major regret:

Not doing enough homework before getting her.

I feel bad because I was actually supposed to wait until she was 8 weeks old to get her, but shes actually only a month old 😦 It seems like its a common thing to do, so I am hoping she’ll be okay. I have been very careful about only feeding her alfalfa hay and few pellets so we shall see how that goes. I will definitely be doing plenty of updates on how shes doing and such!


Shes not completley used to me (yet), Im working on it though! I think she really likes it when I pick her up and just pet her. I try and cuddle her as much as possible to make her feel more safe. I am hoping she will grow up to be a cuddle muffin- so I am attempting to prepare her now lol.


See…she even falls asleep! lol Its always hard to tell when shes actually knocked out. Either way, whenever I hold her like this, I can hear her grinding her teeth (I think), and I have read that its a good sign (its their way of purring I guess).

If you have a bunny and have any tips, please share! I love learning as much as possible about them. I have been doing my own research of course, but you can never know enough right?

The next post I do of her will be of the supplies I’ve had to pick up since shes new and all. Perhaps a “Welcome Home” Kiwi post kind-of-post.. yees. I will end it here before this turns into a mega-post XD LOL Sooo until next time, toodles


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