Happy Birthday to My Sister ♥

If you couldn’t tell already, this post is dedicated to my lovely sister.


Her birthday was on July 5th. We had always talked about how I would take her out for her 18th birthday and the day finally came. She had invited a friend of hers to come along but she apparently had work so I called up some girls and we all hit the town!

Let me tell you btw- it is hard to try and find an 18+ club these days! Makes sense with little profit they would make from them but gee it sucked trying to find one. We had originally made plans to go to another one and found out it closed last minute so luckly a friend of a friend was able to locate one for us and put us on their guest list :]

Unfortunately we waiting in line for forevaar before we got let in. Of course, an 18+ will never be quite as nice as the 21+ clubs, but whatever. We had a good time. What was even more awesome was that a rap artist (IDK what they’re officially called lol) was filming his rap and stuff with a few cameras and he ended up doing a shout out for my sisters birthday! The whole club clapped for her and they had camera’s pointed at her- it was crazy insane. I thought that was the nights highlight lol.

We ended up leaving a bit early because it got sort of lame after (they played too much music from the early 90’s). I don’t think shes much of the club type but idk, we might just try and hit up others (if we manage to find any) and see how it goes.


And I end this post with a picture of me before leaving ♥


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