Influnster: Summer Beauty VoxBox 2012

I qualified for this months Beauty voxbox from Influenster again. I was very excited to get the email saying I would be getting one because last voxbox was so awesome! With this months box, I am not disappointed…

This is a picture of everything that was in the box and let me tell you- it was very hard not to eat that Quaker bread as soon as I opened the box! Right away, I was most excited about trying out the magnetic nail polish. Since I am such a youtube zombie, I have been seeing so many girls playing with the magnet nail polish since forever now. As you can imagine when I saw we got one, I was pleasantly surprised!

So this is the back of the card that shows in detail, everything that comes included in this months box. As you can see, it also includes the price, which I think is neat so you can get an idea if a product is worth the price. So in today’s post I wanted to talk about the Quaker Soft Baked Bar in Banana Nut Bread (whew- that’s a really long name!). I want to get into the habit of reviewing all of the products I receive, so here it goes:

Here we have exhibit A.

LoL Okay so I tried this out after doing my video (yes- when it comes to food, I work fast!). So after heating it up for the 10 seconds it recommends in the microwave, I took a bite out of it and…well…it was not at all what I expected. I thought it was insanely sweet (and this is coming from a girl with a sweet-tooth). I could not take another bite. After drinking a full cup of water, I decided to offer the rest to my sister. She loved it (I blame it on the fact that she was starving), so fortunately it didn’t go to waste. I definitley would not purchase this as a snack and woudnt even eat it if they offered it to me. That bad.

So out of five hearts- I give it a 0.

Believe me, its worth passing up!

Reviews of the other products soon to come ♥

**If you want to know if you qualify to get a free Infulenster VoxBox, read this post!

Disclaimer: I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster…and you can too!


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