Good Mexican Food

The other day we went to this totally random place to get a bite to eat. We were oh-so in the picture taking mood, so I whipped out my camera (which is always on me) to document the moment. BTW- I totally looked crazy taking pictures here, but I wanted to show you all lol! ;p

So anyways….

This was a shot I tried taking so you can see how huge their menu was! They had all the mexican food you could think of here, it was insane really! I was going crazy looking through the menu because everything looked sooo good.

Once I finally decided what to choose, I went to the counter and was amazed staring at the selection of food. Oooh they’re lucky they aren’t a buffet restaurant because I would have gone through the whole thing! This was amaaazinggg lol

So this is the dish I chose to get, I think they’re called “Flautas”, but I’m not too sure. They were freaking delish though! I really didn’t think I’d get full off this small plate, but omg I diiid. For 6.49, I didn’t think it was a bad price either, very average and worth it.

My sister ordered some tacos that were a little pricey (imo) but she said they were really good, so I guess it was worth the 3-something  they cost lol. I was so happy with my photography skills on her dish that I just had to add it in my post XD

This is her eating her first dish (she said it was delish as well) but I totally forgot what it was called. This was crazy though because that little thing was almost $7! I was like O.O when it came out. We both looked at each other like … is that it?! Unfortunately it was, which explains the second plate she ordered after.

Then I thought I would add a shot of me as well…eating meh food. LOL. Oh and if you haven’t already noticed- yes, I have cut my hair again. Its somewhat in transition (not completely how I want it), but I’m hoping to change it up to how I actually do want it very soon. This shall be for another blog post though…

Back to the topic: I was totally feeling this place, I loved the set up, the service, the food, drinks, everything. Its a far drive,  but well worth it because the food is just absolutley delish. Its not very often that I crave mexican food but when I do, this resturant will be the first on my list. Ugh- writing this post for you is making me hungry again LOL -_- Anywho, I will ttyl.


– Priscilla Baby


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