Day 01: Goals & Whatnot



Okay so I know I have totally been saying I want to loose weight for a while now- perhaps even since last year T-T (if you didn’t watch my video, then don’t pay that last part any attention lol). So I have it set that I will freaking loose this damn weight.

I must.

I am an all new motivated that you don’t even imagine. I was searching through images and came across this picture as my thinspiration photo that I plan to put on my phone as a daily reminder of what I’m working towards.

I’m going to be doing the insanity program (hopefully) and I want to start hitting the gym again too. I might be a little over-motivated but I will work out the details soon. Either way I know that I will be working hard on one of these and I will get this skinny.  Enough with my rant and onto my stats:

Height: 5′ 5″

SW: 143

GW: 110

I plan on doing maybe updates every 2 weeks so I can let you all know how its going with my progress and whatnot. Egh, I just cant wait to get to this point! If you’re going through the same thing just let me know and maybe we can motivate each other 🙂 Either way..wish me luck hehe ♥



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