Hi. My name is Priscilla and this is my blog.

I have a youtube channel.

Which lead me to start doing this.

My brain works in weird ways. Sometimes.

But when I manage to gather my thoughts, they’re usually on the verge of inspirational. Or at least I’d like to think.

My blog includes all the little random bits and pieces that have molded my life.

Through all the serious and sometimes (mostly) frivolous posts you can always find things about:

In fact,  for those of you who (like myself) appreciate a schedule; I have complied one just for you.  You can always expect to read the following…that is unless something has came up and I absolutely could not make a post. Which in that case… I apologize in advanced.

Schedule Break Down

Random Fact Monday

If you’re ever feeling like you want to get to know me just a little bit better, check these posts out. These posts include random facts about yours truly, you never really know what to expect. Believe me, these are completely random and have no point.

LB: Look of The Day

 I try and have these posts out every (week) day. These posts are my daily favorites that can be found on LookBook.nu If you’re at all into fashion, these posts are great for those daily inspirational doses we sometimes need in order to survive in this oh-so-harsh fashion world we live in.

And I Quote

 One of my favorite things ever. I just adore reading through inspirational quotes. I post anything that means something to me. Maybe you can find strength in these posts.

Frozen Friday

 This is all about the highlight of the week, I discuss what moment I loved most for the week and aim to capture it in a photograph.


I hope you’ll enjoy your stay and perhaps even come back from time to time. Don’t worry, here is where Ill stay until you return again.


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