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Good Mexican Food

Good Mexican Food

The other day we went to this totally random place to get a bite to eat. We were oh-so in the picture taking mood, so I whipped out my camera (which is always on me) to document the moment. BTW- I totally looked crazy taking pictures here, but I wanted to show you all lol! … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to My Sister ♥

If you couldn’t tell already, this post is dedicated to my lovely sister.   Her birthday was on July 5th. We had always talked about how I would take her out for her 18th birthday and the day finally came. She had invited a friend of hers to come along but she apparently had work so I … Continue reading

My Sisters Graduation Party 2012

These last few weeks I have been super busy with so many things going on- uuy. We had been working on my sisters graduation party for a few weeks now and it went great! I’m honestly not a family person (with a family like mine, you would understand why), so it wasn’t like the best … Continue reading

Visit to the Museum

A few weeks ago I decided to visit a museum- no, not because it was a random act. Actually it was extra credit for my Art class, so to the museum I went LOL!  I bribed my sister to go with me (by doing a photo shoot of her for her senior pictures afterwards), so … Continue reading

Ootd: Jury Doodie

Atm I am sitting here in the jury waiting room waiting to get called and get outta here! So dont judge me if this turns out to be a lenghtly post XD At first I was thinking of wearing something very nice considering I am probably going to be out all day, but soon changed … Continue reading

Sum up Friday

040812.041312 *2 Stars just because I got sick yesterday* ;P So this is my very first official “Sum up Friday” post. I’m hoping to grow into these type posts- I have big ideas (well, big in my head at least lol). Today I am feeling suppper crappy. Woke up feeling under the weather and I … Continue reading

Mondays Mini Adventure

The other day we decided to head to town to pick up a long-awaited laptop. My sister was going to get a new laptop she so desperately needed and our mom decided to invite so I tagged along. We spent a lot longer than we really should have at the store- let me tell you this store … Continue reading

My sisters surgery

Today was a very memorable day. I attempted to document today and decided to use my new app (its on a test trial)- which is so off topic- anywho. My sister has had a ganglion cyst for a while now and finally had her surgery today to remove it. The experience was …well, depressing lol. I … Continue reading

Nom nom

Aw look what my buddy made for me last nite! They’re so cute I dont even want to eat them lol


Its been such a long few weeks, i am sooo having a good time chillen with the buddies. Jack n coke n a game of poker;] o yes.