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Visit to the Museum

A few weeks ago I decided to visit a museum- no, not because it was a random act. Actually it was extra credit for my Art class, so to the museum I went LOL!  I bribed my sister to go with me (by doing a photo shoot of her for her senior pictures afterwards), so … Continue reading

Mondays Mini Adventure

The other day we decided to head to town to pick up a long-awaited laptop. My sister was going to get a new laptop she so desperately needed and our mom decided to invite so I tagged along. We spent a lot longer than we really should have at the store- let me tell you this store … Continue reading

San Francisco Shopping

So the other day I went on sort of a last min shopping trip to the SF Mall- Westfield Mall. It was actually my first time ever going there…wait I lie. I went there once but didn’t get a chance to walk around. Okay so lets say technically its my first time there lol. Anywho, its a … Continue reading

The Day at “Pebble Beach”

So this past weekend, we decided to take a trip out to pebble beach with the buddies… …and as you can see, there are no pebbles! XD We actually ended up going to the wrong place. I guess there’s  town that’s also called pebble beach (why you’d call a town that- I have NO idea) … Continue reading