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Good Mexican Food

Good Mexican Food

The other day we went to this totally random place to get a bite to eat. We were oh-so in the picture taking mood, so I whipped out my camera (which is always on me) to document the moment. BTW- I totally looked crazy taking pictures here, but I wanted to show you all lol! … Continue reading

Mondays Mini Adventure

The other day we decided to head to town to pick up a long-awaited laptop. My sister was going to get a new laptop she so desperately needed and our mom decided to invite so I tagged along. We spent a lot longer than we really should have at the store- let me tell you this store … Continue reading

Nom nom

Aw look what my buddy made for me last nite! They’re so cute I dont even want to eat them lol

This How I Do!

So we were wiped oout today at home and I needed to eat cuz I had been starving, so I decided to skip the fast food and do the healthy food. :] Felt oh so good! Trying to make it out to the gym today…we.ll see gow that goes..

Sushi for a job well done

If you cant already tell, these are the sushi boats that go around the bar :] Two days ago I had my first math quiz of the semester and after getting the results, I was somewhat disappointed (86/90) but, I figured since its an A, I’m good. My Snookie was so proud of me getting … Continue reading


Finished eating and was craving something sweet… my girlfriend suggested jamba juice (which btw omg I havent had in FOREVER) so i picked up this parfait. Didnt finish it- it was too tiring of a taste! Peanut butter= no bueno for your sweet cravings. Lesson learned.