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Ootd: Jury Doodie

Atm I am sitting here in the jury waiting room waiting to get called and get outta here! So dont judge me if this turns out to be a lenghtly post XD At first I was thinking of wearing something very nice considering I am probably going to be out all day, but soon changed … Continue reading

Ootd: Morning Rain

031112 I woke up today and did not want to get up for the life of me. This usually doesn’t happen, either I wake up and get up or I wake up and go back to sleep. When I actually got up I noticed why…it was raining outside! Idk if this is normal- but when … Continue reading

Outfit Of The Day: Looking like Rain

031012 Before I get started on this post, I wanted to mention that I TOTALLY got inspired by Sammie Slash‘s blog to start incorporating these type posts into my blog. If you haven’t checked her out- you really must. Its such a good read with so many pretty pictures! ♥ I FINALLY went out with my … Continue reading

OOTD: Under The Weather

A surprising day: Suprised I put a decent outfit together lol! Details: Shoes: Roxy boots (Ross) Pants: Studded back (Macys) Shirt: Bebe outlet Jacket: Local shop Necklace: Elephant gold chain (H&M)