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I sort of went crazy with the decorating of Kiwi’s picture here lol. That’s besides the point. Okay so I FINALLY got my bunny! ♥♥ This is somewhat a late post because I actually got her last friday (06/22/12). Either way, better late than never right?! So its officially been a week since I first … Continue reading

My Sisters Graduation Party 2012

These last few weeks I have been super busy with so many things going on- uuy. We had been working on my sisters graduation party for a few weeks now and it went great! I’m honestly not a family person (with a family like mine, you would understand why), so it wasn’t like the best … Continue reading

Feeling Inspired Today

So I have been reading of one of my favorite blogs a lot lately []and I am soo in love with the pictures she has up that I got somewhat…okaii completely inspired to attempt some of my own. Its probably another phase of mine Ill admit, but at the moment I’m freaking in love with the supper … Continue reading

April Challenge!

I was browsing the internet and came across this on a blog ( and thought it would be an awesome idea to do. Since class, work and homework have been taking up so much of my time, I haven’t really been taking as much pictures as I used to …and like to. This challenge is … Continue reading