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Happy Birthday to My Sister ♥

If you couldn’t tell already, this post is dedicated to my lovely sister.   Her birthday was on July 5th. We had always talked about how I would take her out for her 18th birthday and the day finally came. She had invited a friend of hers to come along but she apparently had work so I … Continue reading

Influenster: Spring Beauty Voxbox (May)

The other day I received my first infulenster subscription box!! I was soo excited I took pictures, but I didn’t have any cameras on me so I turned to my phone to do a show and tell. Either way, I am supper excited about this box and this post! ♥ This is how the box came, and a … Continue reading

Feeling Inspired Today

So I have been reading of one of my favorite blogs a lot lately []and I am soo in love with the pictures she has up that I got somewhat…okaii completely inspired to attempt some of my own. Its probably another phase of mine Ill admit, but at the moment I’m freaking in love with the supper … Continue reading

Nom nom

Aw look what my buddy made for me last nite! They’re so cute I dont even want to eat them lol

So I need a new handbag

…and I want this one desperately. I’ve gone through 2 already and they’ve both broken on me, they’re A.) not sturdy enough to handle all my books n stuff or B.) Cheap. Lol, and I’m thinking cheap. Either way, my goal is to get this handbag next to use for school. Lets see how long that takes … Continue reading

A Pygmy… What?

(Photo Source: The Living Rain Forest) So the other day my brother was talking to me about pygmy chameleons, I guess there was a girl who breeds them and offered to sell it to him at $40 for males or $60 for females. He said he was going to probably get a male and I … Continue reading

My Nail Polish Collection

So I finally got around to doing my nail polish collection video & it srslly took me like all day to upload onto youtube! I really need to start looking into how to cut a video short without loosing its format…like I still want HD but I dont want a 1GB HD video because it … Continue reading