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I sort of went crazy with the decorating of Kiwi’s picture here lol. That’s besides the point. Okay so I FINALLY got my bunny! ♥♥ This is somewhat a late post because I actually got her last friday (06/22/12). Either way, better late than never right?! So its officially been a week since I first … Continue reading

Worst Week Evvaarr

I have been soo busy latley like omgee. . . Have you ever had like…just a string of bad luck it makes you go crazy? Well thats been the story of my life as of recently. So before my bad luck started, I had an insane schedule last week with school and tests- 3 tests … Continue reading

Sum up Friday

040812.041312 *2 Stars just because I got sick yesterday* ;P So this is my very first official “Sum up Friday” post. I’m hoping to grow into these type posts- I have big ideas (well, big in my head at least lol). Today I am feeling suppper crappy. Woke up feeling under the weather and I … Continue reading

New Theme!

ooo dont cha like the new theme I got? I’ve been wanting to change it up for a while now and today is finally the day I did it. I was going for a “cleaner” look and I think I achieved it. Very much loving it atm ♥ Tell me your thoughts :] I was … Continue reading

Work, work, work.

So if you follow my blog on a daily,  then Im sure youve noticed the lack of posts as of recently. My midterms are coming up and I have been doing major studying so I havent had much time for anything else. *sigh* not even filming:((  but I do have planned to get on point once … Continue reading

New Year Resolution 2012

So its the new year (well okay, sort of) and I thought its time for me to make a post dedicated to my New Years Resolution. I plan on going back to this post in the future and see if I in fact kept to my resolutions. Lets keep it real- most of us forget … Continue reading

Gym Time!

So the other day I decided to weigh myself because I’ve really been feeling like I’ve been gaining weight and to my “surprise” . . . I have.             -_- It’s been a while since I’ve been wanting to do this but I guess I have been avoiding it so … Continue reading

VERY excited about…

So I’ve had my camera for a while now (thanks snookie!!), and I haven’t had a chance to pick up a card that’s compatible with my camera…well that is until yesterday 😀 !! It really has been long due and I am very excited to be getting it Tuesday. With my 16GB class 10, I … Continue reading


SO I’ve  recently been thinking of moving over my blog to a more appropriate blog-space.. I’ve used a couple of different blog spots and thought Id give wordpress a try- its really different and I find it a bit hard to use as of now, but I’m sure Ill get used to it quickly- er … Continue reading